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DTRASH209 - Out Of Order


Temptation 03:15
temptation revisited logic illusion suffocating beyond time ambitions tantamount audacious insurmountable immobile ignoble old denial unchained let the sickness take whole and find honesty been shaken hypocritical lives a banal existence come test me clear walls inside temptation revisited logic illusion suffocating beyond pleasures insufficient climb higher severed affiliations compounded with time upstanding under the pillar wait a minute till confessions wont fly come on reaper living bitter unconsidered through the lacking salvation find honesty been shaken hypocritical lives you're banal existence come on test me clear the walls inside you know what you are a traveller charlatan subsist on others like a parasite you cling on emaciating your host until you discard their spent husk and latch on to your next all spoils and indulgence temptation revisited logic illusion suffocating beyond pleasures insufficient climb higher severed affiliations compounded with time
Fly 03:25
trust aerate out and stay convict, condemn in time read them redefined, held resound restate too over bright here rebound to make it all up retrain the adults and fold end moderate true dealing think they could try reach the rayon retreating in preparation I'm sacrificing them what'd I tell you? just to be this thing that you are hate that I'm breaking their solace lets operate lift off the type listen a prescription to crawl remove and pay straight all pearl sighted again ornate what'd they say? oblation snide you say you waited.. no you lied demonstrate your sequencing lead get to be yourself molt resolve reticent good to be a fly designed former victor taken one time obsidian obsess maggot your free now from the flies begin again
My Desire 02:44
eat me alive I am already dead inside you cant save me from my desire you’re my desire empty enough am I empty enough with my disgust you’re my disgust
U R 01:32
just let the pieces fall in decisions picked out revel, honest to win tear the skin they can deal with regret nursing, the lies have taken off the timing right I am not anyone you want I'm not anyone you are. I m not n e 1 u r you took it all with a grin I'm begging take this symbol a sure way to resist suffer denial I'm addicted take whatever you want I m not n e 1 u r you took it all
Reduced 01:02
laying behind abstained opening raptures and world wars upside unreal never break out the line ignore waiting opened despise loathe be your crime lust withheld reliant taken by a sign taken by design individualize market the divide monetary guise get down buy my side down before their lies till your needs have bled
suffocating life through resent no fault reasons share your wanting cannot bear the lie absent I'm beaten an abscess appease seething we all belay love we concede in promise for leaders nothing to see here we hunt all arbitrary we volunteer remain innate demeaning harvest immoral reject championing hesitation realize that you'll pay with your lives I'm beyond emptied out lets see your broken walls appeasing abstaining envy your all I've got reject champion I'm beyond emptied out lets see your broken walls appeasing abstaining envy your all I've got evasive and jealous until you've bled enough unveiled exhaled envy your all I've got
Disengage 01:27
you see me resist pull disengage time for healing something tomb eyed begging amateurs feel they cant feel un-condoned pressing annulled we'll peddle doubt in signs bend robbing chance come on less lauded insubordinate to my wheel gallant some prison hold in low entropy under sun I'm coming up to save you too ripping off deceiving inoculated tempted safe away alone lost in self the pills await I want it all panthers sedate atoned caging uninvited change the price the waste change the price chained to pride living off the pale inside
Slaves 03:39
revealed decisions resonate resound among the gains in selfish animosity freedom riddled sins show breaking thou shalt pay I want it all onus owned little slave little slave close your eyes assimilate comfort in the banal civil another confident policed distinctions applied in shadows lift this ceremonious deception fill your lives with lust for worthless garbage living a lie reviled decisions resonate resound among the gains in selfish animosity prison riddled sins show breaking thou shalt pay I want it all onus owned power resisting arraignments fall down below assimilate broken little slave
Erased 02:52
timeless over resolutions far battle over prolonged owned token parasite parade the proud cull reining last resurrect train a thin satire release mold fate loathe renounce pain fall bet tumult resisting your faults proclaiming living to forfeit the positioning erase
Septic 03:45
_teeth all renowned slowly let it go form mazed in septic loose their patience rejection chant temptation I'll love this out take this sin we're all a lie listen don't lifting low its a simple blight live all real lies live because impede dissent now rounded Juried don't pick the love shoved in show piece slow breathing life lessons learned ok kill without their light come one lay above senses convenient made so fake a dedicated front its just I'm beyond I love hate these changes I'm only hated last stipulation writhing chained in love those chances on get this face robbed rep the fecund right real spell listen forget to lower the sign listen poor man don't forget their lies I'm all made up like the rain is so fake normally the hive let up the consciousness freedom implied livid impulse lying is so easy your gods you've taken obsolete measured the filament it belongs round drowned drove straight down threat


THE FIRST SEED is back with 10 ear shattering tracks of electronic metal abrasiveness and absurd spasmodic noise accented with violent screams and vicious lyrics of discontent. Written while getting crushed by the capitalist grind in Toronto, the overall sound echoes the emotions experienced while trying in vein to find a way to fit into a broken system. These songs where realized while performing in the dirty underground outsider electronic/digital hardcore/breakcore/noise scenes in “The Big Smoke” and across Canada trying in abject futility to connect with anyone but the most exceptional counter-culture weirdos with completely destroyed affinities for melodic sensibility and traditionally palatable music. Resonating with absolute frustration, the jarring discordant inharmonic expressions are representative of the tumultuous times in which we live, capturing the desperation of an addict trapped by indulgences run awry. Slamming, inhuman rhythms reflect the inane, repetitious lives many are forced to endure while struggling to survive the shallow, debt driven society we exist in as we march dutifully onward, lead by corrupt politicians lobbied by sadistically greedy industries into servitude, reliance, and obsolescence, meanwhile assisted and comforted by unnecessary technologies while untrustworthy media panders and preys off superficial supposed weaknesses suggesting satisfaction can only be found by purchasing some piece of garbage that should be bought on credit. The album’s grinding programming and discomforting atmospheres imbue the chaos compounded by new media narcissism, fake news confusion, proliferation of conspiracy, and embellished false divisions expanded upon to commander profits and political advantage while contributing to casual acceptance that resistance to change is futile and our current trajectory as a society is appropriate and unavoidable. OUT OF ORDER is by far THE FIRST SEED’s most meticulously crafted and brutal release to date.


released March 1, 2019


all rights reserved



D-Trash Records Toronto, Ontario

There comes a time when rules become outdated, a time when constraints become nothing more than memories and harmless nostalgia. That time is now. D-TRASH Records is a Canadian record label & collective of hardcore electronic artists with a habit for destroying what is old, and creating what is new, taking over stagnant music and scenes. ... more

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